How Pet Owners Can Prevent Drain Cleaning Problems

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Pets bring us joy and fun, but they also bring potential plumbing problems. Protect your residential plumbing and keep your pets safe with these helpful plumbing-related tips from our expert plumbers.

Bath Time Tips

When your dog or cat needs a bath, it’s better to do this outdoors using a hose or an outdoor shower. However, we know that’s not always possible. If you like to bathe your pets indoors using the bath or shower, install a drain strainer. This inexpensive plumbing accessory is available at home improvement stores and keeps fur and hair from clogging the drain. We recommend drain strainers even for hypo-allergenic breeds (non-shedding). Even if it seems like their fur isn’t getting in the tub, if need to do a lot of scrubbing, it’s a possibility. Strainers also keep clumps of dirt out of the drain.

Cover Floor Drains

Do you have floor drains in your laundry room, garage, or basement missing their covers? If so, get these covers replaced ASAP. Dogs or cats could accidentally trip and break a paw or leg, but there is an even bigger concern. Small pets like rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, and snakes allowed to roam the house find exposed drains enticing. Even if you’re not one to let your small pets out and about in the home, if they accidentally get out of their cages, they could get into the drain. If this happens, the chances are good they won’t get out and then your drain pipe becomes clogged. Do your plumbing and your pets a favor and keep these drains covered at all times.

Also, if pay attention to the drains in your yard. If you have trench drains or storm drains on your property, make sure they’re properly covered. You don’t want your pet running around and falling into one of these drains.

Toilets Are for Humans Only

It’s tempting to flush cat litter, but this is a big no-no. Even products claiming to be “flushable” shouldn’t be flushed, and here’s why. Did you know cats eat things they can’t completely digest? This includes items like paper, twist ties, bits of toys, and other things they find lying around the house. These items end up in the litter and, if you flush the litter, end up causing problems in your drains and pipes. Likewise, don’t toss dog waste or any other animal waste in the toilet. It’s always better to throw your pets’ waste away.

Don’t Let Your Pets Drink from the Toilet

Not only is this gross, but it could lead to clogged drains. If your pet is playing with a toy and they drop it in the toilet before taking a drink, it could slide down the drain and cause problems. Also, from a non-plumbing perspective, drinking from the toilet isn’t sanitary. Train your pets to stay away from the toilet or keep the lid shut. Also, make sure they always have fresh water available.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Do you have exposed piping in your home? If you’re in the middle of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you probably have exposed plumbing. Even if it’s temporary, you need to keep pipes and open drains covered. Pets are curious and they explore their territories with their mouths and paws. The last thing you want is for your pet to chew on exposed piping and mess up your plumbing. Or, in the worst-case scenario, injure themselves.

At My Lakewood Plumber Hero, we want your home to be safe for you and your pets. If you need exposed piping fixed, drain covers installed, or have other plumbing needs, we’re here to help. Our licensed 24-hour plumbers in Lakewood are available right now to help you out.

How to Fix a Dripping Faucet

Friday, March 13th, 2020

A leaky kitchen or bathroom faucet is annoying. There’s no argument about how frustrating it is to hear a faucet make a continuous “drip . . .drip . . . drip” noise. The good news is the you don’t have to live with this problem. In fact, leaky faucet issues are one of the easiest plumbing repairs to make.

The repair method depends on the kind of faucet you have. Faucets are available in the following four types:

  • Ball
  • Cartridge
  • Ceramic disk
  • Compression

Whether you attempt to make the repairs or you call a plumber in Lakewood, here are three things to looks for when repairing a leaky faucet.

A Broken Washer

The first thing you need to know is that only compression faucets have washers. However, they’re one of the most common reasons these kinds of faucet develop leaks. You have a compression faucet if your faucet has two handles, one for hot and one for cold. Washers can corrode over time and allow water to escape. If you have a compression faucet, try replacing each of the washers in each handle.

Broken O-ring

Compression and cartridge faucets have O-rings. These rings are in place to act as a waterproof seal. Once these rings loosen or become damaged, the seal breaks and dripping starts. Fixing an O-ring isn’t difficult, but make sure you buy the right size. If you buy a part that’s even slightly bigger or smaller than the original, you’ll end up with a continuing problem.

Damaged Cartridges

Cartridge handles may have one or two handles. They’re easily recognizable and distinguishable from other faucets because they’re easier to operate. Moving the handle is smoother than ball or compression faucet handles. When a cartridge faucet drips, the recommended repair is to replace the entire cartridge valve within the faucet. This isn’t a huge job that doesn’t cost much to fix. Most replacement cartridges are around $15 in the store.

Although faucet repair isn’t a big plumbing repair, if you don’t feel like fixing a leaky bathroom or kitchen faucet, let us handle the job for you. It’s never a bad idea to call a local plumber when you’re not sure about your DIY plumbing skills. My Lakewood Plumber Hero is available for plumbing service in Lakewood and surrounding areas 24/7. Call us when you need us and we’ll be there in a jiffy!

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Flood-free

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

We’ve been in the plumbing business for a long time and have seen our fair share of flooding. We know how devastating water damage can be and we never want to see our customers in distress. At My Lakewood Plumber Hero, we work with homeowners every day to fix plumbing issues that could cause a flooding situation.

Here are some tips we’ve put together for you to keep your home flood-free.

Replace Washing Machine Hoses

Most washing machines come with plastic hoses. These hoses work well enough, but they’re prone to cracks. Too often, homeowners have returned home from work or vacation to find their laundry rooms flooded.

To avoid this situation, we recommend that homeowners replace those plastic hoses with sturdier, steel-braided laundry hoses. You can find these hoses at your local hardware store.

Install a Water Heater Drain Pan

Leaky water heaters can cause a good deal of damage. Drain pans catch water and are ideal for water heaters in utility closets, attics, garages, and basements. The pan won’t do much good if the bottom of the water heater falls out, but this rarely happens. Water heaters tend to leak slowly and the drain pan gives you time to notice there’s a problem before it overflows.

Check Water Shut-off Valves

All the water-using fixtures in your home have shut-off valves. These valves, especially the ones under sinks, can get bumped and damaged. Check them regularly to make sure they’re not leaking.

Repair Damaged Sewer Pipes

Do you have recurring sewer problems? Have you been told you need sewer repairs, but have put off getting them done because of cost?

Our plumbers in Lakewood know what happens when homeowners ignore damaged sewer pipes. The result is backed up toilets, sinks, and other floor drains. When this happens, sewage water ends up in the house and adds to the urgency of the situation.

Sewer pipe repair isn’t the cheapest plumbing repair, but it’s necessary. If you’ve been told by another plumber that you need sewer repair or replacement and want a second opinion, call us. We’ll take a look at the situation and give you our professional recommendation.

Call Us Today

At My Lakewood Plumber Hero, we want you to live in your home without worrying about leaks and water damage. That’s why we provide services like leak detection, water heater inspections, and whole-house plumbing inspections to check for potential problems. To learn more about our plumbing maintenance services in Lakewood, call us today!

Home Plumbing Services in Lakewood to Consider for a Kitchen Remodel

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Are you thinking about remodeling the kitchen? Homeowners interested in creating their dream kitchen shouldn’t underestimate the value of professional home plumbing services from Lakewood, CA, plumbers. Whether you’re upgrading appliances, moving a sink, or adding more square footage, there are some services that can only be completed by a licensed plumber.

Plumbing Relocation Services

Often, homeowners decide that they want rework the layout of their kitchen. This often means that things like sink, refrigerator water lines, and dishwashers need to be moved, which means there is a lot of plumbing work involved. Plumbing relocation services is not something that should be left to amateurs. Do yourself a favor and save yourself time, frustration, and money by hiring a professional Lakewood plumber from the start.

Gas Line Installation and Rerouting

Many people decide that a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to switch from an electric stove to a gas stove. Whether you have an existing gas line or not, you’ll need a certified gas line plumber to complete the work involved in this switch. Also, if you’re switching from gas to electric, you need to have the existing gas line capped. Working with gas lines is not child’s play. It requires keen skills, the correct credentials, and the right tools. If you don’t hire a plumber to assist with this job you’re putting your home and its occupants in danger.

Your Neighborhood Lakewood Plumber Has the Right Credentials

Many municipalities require that plumbing work always be done by licensed plumbers. Lakewood is no different. Permits won’t be issued if you do the work yourself and, if you decide to bypass a permit, you could end up having a difficult time getting the house to pass an inspection if you decide to sell in the future.

At My Lakewood Plumber Hero, we want you to enjoy your new kitchen without any future hassles. That’s why we offer licensed home plumbing services that are priced right and always completed by caring, practiced professionals who want you to always be 100% satisfied. Call today to learn more about how we can help you get your dream kitchen.

Why You Should Stop Using Liquid Cleaners to Unclog a Drain

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Best Lakewood drain cleaning plumber available right now to help you with tough clogs.Have you been using liquid drain cleaners to unclog a drain in your home? Blocked sinks and clogged toilets can make it difficult to use the plumbing in your home. If a plunger doesn’t work to dislodge the clog, you may reach for the liquid drain cleaner. While these products may help you in the short term, it’s not a good idea to continue using these products on a long-term basis. As local drain cleaning plumbers in Lakewood, we know a thing or two about clearing drains and keeping them clean using better options than store-bought chemicals.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Corrode Plumbing

One of the biggest threats to your home’s piping system is the chemicals used in liquid cleaners. These cleaners use corrosive chemicals to break apart clogs. The problem with this is that the chemicals aren’t just affecting the clog. They also cause piping material to breakdown over time, which will eventually lead to weak spots and leaks.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Is the Better Option

Ask any drain cleaner plumber in Lakewood and they will tell you that the best way to clear a clogged drain is to use a high-tech technique known as hydro jet drain cleaning. Most people have heard of this drain cleaning service but don’t realize exactly how it works. This piece of equipment doesn’t use chemicals, but pressurized water to scrub away blockages that are days, weeks, and years old. It’s highly effective on all kinds of debris buildup and it won’t harm your pipes. Many people who make hydro jet drain cleaning a part of their annual preventive maintenance program find that they never have to worry about backed up shower drains, blocked toilets, or clogged sewer lines.

To learn more about liquid drain cleaning alternatives, contact the best Lakewood plumbers near you – My Hollywood Plumber Hero. We’re available around the clock, 24/7 to assist you with all your drain and rooter needs. Call us today to learn about affordable options and drain cleaning specials!

How Our Technicians Choose a Cable Machine for Drain Cleaning

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Local, Lakewood plumbers are available today to assist you with drain cleaning.Cable machines play an important role in drain cleaning. They help remove difficult clogs in small and large diameter drainage pipes. At My Lakewood Plumber Hero, we have a fleet of vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment and tools. This means that we can handle any type of residential and commercial drain cleaning project, both big and small.

The plumbing technicians at My Lakewood Plumber Hero use small drain cleaning machines with a quarter to three-quarter inch cable to clear minor blockages in sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Larger drain cleaning machines are often used to clear clogs on larger lines with diameters of two inches or more. Choosing a suitable drain-cleaning machine can be difficult if you do not have the required knowledge and training. There are two main types of drain cleaning machines: sled style and upright. Our technicians can use both types of machines to remove drain clogs.

Upright Drain Cleaning Machines

Upright drain cleaning machines come with a more compact design and can easily navigate stairs and bathrooms. On the other hand, sled machines have a stable design and a larger footprint. They are also more powerful and can generate more torque. Sled machines are usually powered by induction motors and feature a separate gearbox. A DC gearbox and motor combination powers upright machines.

Sectional Drain Machines

Sectional drain machines feature shorter lengths of cable than other types of drain cleaning machines. On the other hand, drum machines come with a continuous cable housed inside a drum. Each type of drain cleaning machine has its own advantages and specific uses. Our technicians use drain-cleaning machines that are best suited for specific plumbing problems.

Other factors to consider when choosing a drain-cleaning machine include the warranty, handling of the machine, and service requirements. When you choose to do business with us, you can be sure that we have the tools and equipment to handle any type of drain cleaning project.

Let us handle your drain-cleaning project. Give us a call today!