4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Flood-free

We’ve been in the plumbing business for a long time and have seen our fair share of flooding. We know how devastating water damage can be and we never want to see our customers in distress. At My Lakewood Plumber Hero, we work with homeowners every day to fix plumbing issues that could cause a flooding situation.

Here are some tips we’ve put together for you to keep your home flood-free.

Replace Washing Machine Hoses

Most washing machines come with plastic hoses. These hoses work well enough, but they’re prone to cracks. Too often, homeowners have returned home from work or vacation to find their laundry rooms flooded.

To avoid this situation, we recommend that homeowners replace those plastic hoses with sturdier, steel-braided laundry hoses. You can find these hoses at your local hardware store.

Install a Water Heater Drain Pan

Leaky water heaters can cause a good deal of damage. Drain pans catch water and are ideal for water heaters in utility closets, attics, garages, and basements. The pan won’t do much good if the bottom of the water heater falls out, but this rarely happens. Water heaters tend to leak slowly and the drain pan gives you time to notice there’s a problem before it overflows.

Check Water Shut-off Valves

All the water-using fixtures in your home have shut-off valves. These valves, especially the ones under sinks, can get bumped and damaged. Check them regularly to make sure they’re not leaking.

Repair Damaged Sewer Pipes

Do you have recurring sewer problems? Have you been told you need sewer repairs, but have put off getting them done because of cost?

Our plumbers in Lakewood know what happens when homeowners ignore damaged sewer pipes. The result is backed up toilets, sinks, and other floor drains. When this happens, sewage water ends up in the house and adds to the urgency of the situation.

Sewer pipe repair isn’t the cheapest plumbing repair, but it’s necessary. If you’ve been told by another plumber that you need sewer repair or replacement and want a second opinion, call us. We’ll take a look at the situation and give you our professional recommendation.

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