Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation in Lakewood, CA

The garbage disposal in your kitchen is a handy device for grinding up food waste and making dinnertime clean up a breeze. But when this appliance stops working, you may be left wondering what’s next. At My Lakewood Plumber Hero, we help desperate homeowners figure out quick solutions for repairing their broken disposals. From troubleshooting over the phone to drain cleaning and electrical repairs, there isn’t a garbage disposal problem that we aren’t equipped to handle.

Quality Garbage Disposal Repair Matters

We know you could hire anyone in Lakewood, CA, to assist you with plumbing repairs. But, we also know the value in quality, professional plumbing service. This is why our plumbers are trained to the highest degree and expected to acquire continuing education credits (over 100 hours of additional training each year) to ensure that they are up to date on the latest methods for fixing any plumbing situation.

When you open the door to one of our plumbers, you can count on him or her to provide you with first-rate repairs and even give you suggestions for keeping repairs to a minimum in the future.

Usage Tips for Household Garbage Disposals

One of the services we take great pride in is providing our customers with maintenance and usage tips so they don’t have to part with their hard-earned money for repairs. Eventually, garbage disposals do breakdown, but you can prevent frequent problems by following a few simple suggestions.

1)    Don’t pour fat, cooking oil, or grease down your sink. Even if the substance has already hardened, you should still dispose of it in your trash can.

2)    Don’t use chemical cleaners to clean your disposal. Cold water and dish detergent will suffice. If you’re bothered by odors, cut up a lemon and grind it up in the disposal. Or, freeze vinegar in ice cube trays and grind it up in the disposal. Not only does this method deodorize the disposal, but it sharpens the blades as well.

3)    Don’t put too much food in the disposal. Restrict the kinds of food you put in the disposal to non-fibrous foods and avoid putting expandable foods into the disposal such as rice and pasta.

Lastly, don’t wait to call for professional plumbing service if a clog, leak, or another problem develops. The longer you wait to take care of small problems, the more likely it is that you will be calling us for garbage disposal replacement and installation than repairs.